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Swim Spa vs Swim Jet FAQ


With so many different sites using different names for their products, it's easy to get confused. So let us simplify it for you with a definition of terms!

Lap Pool
A lap pool is traditionally a large in ground pool with the dimensions of at least 10ft x 50ft. Something you would see in a high school or YMCA where swimmers could practice and swim laps. However the size and maintenance costs of such pools make them prohibitive for most home owners.

Swim Spa
Swim Spa is a generic term for a small, pre-manufactured, one-piece pool (usually fiberglass), which has any mechanism that creates a current you can swim against. They can be installed in or above ground. They look like an elongated hot tub.

The advantage of a swim spa system is that you never "hit the wall" or have to turn around to continue to swim laps like in a lap pool. So swim spas create the best swimming work out, using the least amount of space in your home or yard, thus being more space and cost efficient then the original lap pool.

Endless Pools
Endless Pools is just a brand name of one type of Swim Spa. Essentially, it looks like a very large hot tub (it usually sits on top of the ground) but on one end it has a water propeller that allows one to swim against its current. Although these types of lap pools can be a very effective way of intense distance swimming, their disadvantages are:

- Cost (most run $20,000 to $30,000)
- Cost to keep heated during the colder months (if unit is outside)
- Cost to repair unit if components break down
- and, for most, it's too difficult to swim against the current for prolonged periods of time
Swim Jets
Swim Jets are pump driven systems that also create a "swim against current" by pushing water through nozzles (or "jets"). However the big advantages of swim jets are:

- Cost (even the best systems are less then $8,000)
- Unlike Swim Spas, which are entire pre-manufactured fiberglass pools, swim jets can be installed in ANY pool, so you can:
-add a swim jet when constructing a new in-ground pool
-add the BaduJet Inspiration to any existing pool (in or above ground)

So Swim Jets are the most flexible and affordable way to create a "lap pool" in your own back yard.

Water Treadmill
A water treadmill is the most generic term for any kind of mechanism that allows you to swim against the current. So Swim Spa and Swim Jet systems are both considered "water treadmills". 

To better understand the differences between these systems, please watch this instructional video:





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By law, a licensed and certified installer is required to install all of our Swim Jets (except the DIY Inspiration model). Please take a look at the most frequently asked installation questions.

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