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Add a swim jet to an existing pool

Our most popular and easiest to install Swim Jet for existing pools is the Badu Jet Inspiration.
However, if you're planning on doing construction, any of our pumps can be installed in existing pools as well.

Install a pump for a serious swimmer

Our most challenging pump is the Badu Jet Stream II with the 3 jet option (Model#SS484-3400M-1RW).
Please note that everyone's effort levels and ability are different, so we can't guarantee that any pump will be challenging enough.

Add a "high end" pump with stainless steel finishing

Our highest end model is the Badu Jet Imperial, it comes in two Stainless Steel options  

Install your most economical and popular model for 

Our most popular model for new pools is the Badu Stream II with 2 jets. It's available with a Round Cover (Model #SS484-2400M-1RW) or Square Cover (Model #SS484-2400M-1SW).
Our most popular model for existing pools is the 2 jet Badu Jet Inspiration system.
To better understand the system, please watch this 5-minute instructional video:





Take a look at our convenient product comparison chart to see an overview of all our products and their intended use:


By law, a licensed and certified installer is required to install all of our Swim Jets (except the DIY Inspiration model). Please take a look at the most frequently asked installation questions.

Existing Pools

Badu Jet Inspiration

New Pools

Badu Stream II

Badu Jet Super Sport II

Badu Jet Imperial


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Massage Attachment

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