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Badu JET IMPERIAL | Swim Jet System

Brand: Speck Badu Jet
Model Numbers:  JS421-2411F-100 or JS421-2411F-1SS
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Price: $ 7,799.00
Type:  Badu Swim Jet System 
Product #: JS421-2411F-100 or JS421-2411F-1SS
Ideal Use: Adding to New Pool
Features and Benefits: 
  • Water Treadmill - Swim Spa System - Swim Against a Steady Current!
  • Stainless steel 19" round anti-entrapment cover
  • (2) Jet System - Adjustable, recessed dual jet nozzles
  • LED Light, Massage Attachment & Stainless Steel Hand Rail
  • Speck 4 HP self-priming, plastic pump
  • Easy Installation for in-ground & above-ground pools
  • UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter required)
  • Flush mounted jet housing (14" diameter)
  • Volume control knob to adjust the flow of water.
  • Air regulator controls amount of air bubbles in water flow
  • Control box with GFCI
  • Pneumatic on/off button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor control.

Product Includes:
  • One (1) Badu Jet Imperial Swim Jet swimming pool pump system wtih Dual Nozzle jet housing, adjustable flow nozzles and LED light
  • Control Box
  • One (1) Massage Attachment: Pulsating massage hose (5 ft) that can be attached to jet nozzle - FREE!

Product Options & Combinations:
Model # Cover Style # of Jets Pump HP Volts GFCI CP
JS421-2411F-100 Stainless Steel 2 4HP 208-230 V  Yes  Yes

Stainless Steel

2 4HP 208-230 V  Yes  Yes

Optional Accessories:
Badu Swim Mirror: Helps swimmers stay centered in the “swim lane"
Winter Cover Kit: Protect your swim jet from the elements, keep it covered in off-season

Benefits of Badu Jet:

  • Top Quality German Engineering
  • Most Affordable 
  • Best Warranty in the Industry:
    2 years for Badu Jets vs 1 year standard 



Why Badu Jets? We're the Swim Jet Market Leader!
German engineering. It’s instant proof of quality. That’s why 95% of all swimjet systems installed in America are made by Speck. In fact, Speck is the world leader in water treadmills, offering a wide range of options for various budgets! Now any pool can become a lap pool, providing owners with a well paced aerobic exercise and years of enjoyment from their pool investment.

How It Works: 
The Badu Jet systems work by pumping water into the pool through one, two or three large recessed jet nozzles mounted in an underwater housing. Capable of creating a current of 5000 GPM, the jets can be adjusted to provide resistance for an enjoyable, therapeutic walk, jog or swim, without the harmful pounding and jarring of street exercise. Also, there is a massage hose that can be attached to a jet nozzle that produces a pulsating, refreshing massage. The Badu Jet System acts like a treadmill in the water, offering unlimited long distance swimming.

The BaduJet Imperial is normally incorporated into the original pool design, but it can be added to any pool at a later date. The BaduJet Imperial has no protruding parts ensuring pool users’ safety. Very compact, installs at minimal cost. The BaduJet Imperial system includes control box with relay and air switch and 50ft. of air tubing. Minimum 4” plumbing is required. Pump and Control also available in 3 phase. Read all instructions before installing.

Specifications & Installation Manual:

BaduJet Imperial - Technical Specs
BaduJet Imperial - Installation Manual
BaduJet Imperial - Operation Manual

2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty on pump motor and seal

Plumbing Code Certified:
All Badu® SwimJet Systems are VGB compliant and carry UL, MET and ASME approvals.

Warnings & Disclaimers: 
Health Warning:
Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise.
This product may be too challenging or not challenging enough to satisfying all levels of exercise.

Installation Disclaimer:
This product must be installed by a CERTIFIED pool installer in your area. It is against the law to attempt to install this unit yourself,it may cause harm to you or others and it will void the manufacturer warranty. All installations must comply with federal, state and local laws.

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